Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please help the San Antonio school.

All of you may remember that Sharon talked about the need for rebuilding the San Antonio school that was wiped out by mudslides during Agatha. Miracles in Action, a group that has worked with Mayan Families before, has agreed to give the money to Mayan Families to monitor the rebuilding of the school if they win a grant from Chase Community Giving. To win, they need the most votes and this is where we can help! Its very easy to vote - you just need a Facebook page and you can access the voting by going to this page: http://apps. facebook. com/chasecommuni tygiving/ charities/ 731728299- miracles- in-action- inc?src=charity- details-wall- post-self&ref=mf Just follow the directions for voting - there is no malicious issues behind "liking" a group on Facebook (which is the principle idea of voting - you are "liking" the Chase Community Giving FB page).. One charity will receive $250k, 4 runners-up will receive $100k, 195 others will receive $20k. As many people as we have on here, and if we forward to people we know, we can win this and get the school built for the kids in San Antonio! Every vote will count....please help the children of San Antonio Palopo.

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