Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Opening of the Pre-school/feeding program in San Antonio Palopo,Guatemala

Yesterday we had the opening of our 4th Pre-school/ Feeding program in San Antonio Palopo where there has been so much devastation from the mudslides caused by Tropical Storm Agatha. This program is different from our others as we are having classes for older children in the afternoon. The children in the morning will be aged 3-5yrs old and in the afternoon the children will be aged 5-10yrs old.
Both sessions the children will receive two meals, brush their teeth, take a vitamin tablet and have educational classes and crafts. These children are in need of having some fun activities to take their mind away from all the tragedy that they have seen recently. Over 20 people died in mudslides in this village. Dozens of families have been left homeless and many other people are too scared to live in their homes.

Eating a healthy meal.
Volunteer Vanessa helping the children to wash their hands. Vanessa also taught the children how to brush their teeth. Many had never brushed their teeth before and it was a new experience for them!
Wendy,the teacher at the center.

Mayan Families staff member, Ely getting to know the children!

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