Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hi everyone, an update:
Sharon slipped and has a badly sprained ankle. It is healing.
We are living and running Mayan Families out of the rock house which was the Panajachel Pre-school.
We have rented a new location for the Pre-School, the elderly feeding program, the carpentry shop, the Mayan Families Kids and Teens Sports Program etc. and they will be up and running shortly.
We will return some office staff and computers to the old Mayan Families compound that was damaged, on a temporary basis, until we find a safe, dry, permanent location for Mayan Families. Right now we have staff at Patti's apartments.
Sharon does not have Internet yet but should have it by tomorrow.
We have teams out in the counrtyside deistributing donations, food, clothing etc.
We are coordinating with other groups.
We were blessed to be able to buy, in December 2009, a used, 20 year old Four Wheel Drive Toyota Pickup Truck, Diesel, Manual Transmission, four door, and it has been a life saver throughout all of this.
Communities, families and children all need help here.
Schools were damaged or destroyed, houses lost, some people lost everything!
Please donate now by going to:
Any amount is greatly appreciated!
Thank you all so much!
Best wishes, Dwight Poage
Emergency contact telephone number is:

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