Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Culan Families in Guatemala.

Both the Culan families received help with food. Leonel Culan and his family received food and also his sister Ana Culan and her family. All the children are malnourished and this food will greatly help them.
Their homes were not damaged by the recent mudslides and floods. They were very fortunate, the houses below them suffered a lot of damage. Leonel Culan is doing much better. The nurse is attending to his terrible bed sores every day, twice a day. Today he was supposed to come back to the doctors for a check up but it is quite an ordeal to get him here. He has to sit in his wheel chair in the back of a pick up for the hours ride to Panajachel. With the road closed due to mud slides he would have had to go for another hour on the very windy, bumpy roads, so we chose to postpone his appointment to later.

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