Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sports program in Guatemala.

Visitors Karen and her daughter, Emilia brought down lots of balls and enough soccer cleats for a whole team! They also brought down baseball bats, balls and frisbees.
Willy and Robin were very happy to receive this wonderful donation for the Mayan Families Kids and Teens Sports Program.

Willy and Robin invited Karen and Emilia to join them at the swimming class for children today. Bathing suits are a very welcome donation!
We need soccer balls, soccer uniforms, cleats, socks, balls. We also need baseball equipment, uniforms etc. Basketballs are also greatly appreciated as we have several basket ball teams.

The sports program is designed to build self worth and self esteem amongst young children. At the same time, it is providing an avenue for children to stay out of gangs and be in an atmosphere where people care about them.
Any donations are very gratefully received. Any second hand uniforms etc will be find a very good home here!
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