Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Road to San Andres...from Panajachel, Guatemala.

Many of you who have visited have experienced the stomach churning fear of passing over the San Andres Bridge ....well, it no longer exists. It was washed away in a torrent of water, mud and rocks. This is what it now looks like.
Three Mayan Families staff members cross this bridge twice a day. They take a pick up to where the road is blocked, cross over this huge mess and then take a pick up on the other side down to Panajachel. The three of them go through this trek every day to get to work and the amazing thing is that they are always punctual!

They are always concerned when it rains as they fear a mudslide or the dirt below them just falling away as they cross it.

Mayan Families staff members, Susie and Roberto went with volunteer,Thomas to welcome the "Trekking for Kids" group to the Hogar "Casa Feliz".

We are hoping that the govt. will be able to repair this road and bridge for the people of San Andres and Panajachel.

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